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  • Acid Yellow 59
  • Acid Yellow 59
  • Acid Yellow 59
  • Acid Yellow 59
  • Acid Yellow 59
  • Acid Yellow 59
Tnyalan® S Dyes Series

Acid Yellow 59
Neutral yellow 2GL

-High wet and light fastness
-High dye-uptake properties, excellent compatibility
-Metal complex dye
-It has low damage to wool and high wool coverage.

Suitable for direct dyeing and printing of wool and its blended fabrics, silks, polyamide fibers, and also for leather coloring. 
It has good leveling property and discharge property.
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Dye Name Color Card
Light (Xenon)

Dyeing Depth
ISO 105 C10

ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
Hot Pressing 
Chlorination water 

Dry Rub
Wet Rub
Acid Yellow 59 7
80 1 4-5

4-5 4-5 4-5

Dye Name: Acid Yellow 2GL, Acid Yellow 2GLN, Neutral Yellow 2GL
CAS Registry Number: 5601-29-6
Character: Red and yellow powder
Molecular Structure: Azo, metal fitting
Molecular Formula: C17H14N4O3
Molecular Weight: 322.32
Samples: Free samples are available, PSS can be sent to you before shipment. The quality of this item is very stable and once you confirm the quality we can deliver to you directly without PSS.
Tianya Industry is a fine chemical enterprise that engages in R&D, production, and operation of acid dyes and intermediates, which has obtained an ISO9001 certificate. Contact us freely for more details.

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Industry knowledge

What is the stability, light resistance and heat resistance of Acid Yellow 59?

Acid Yellow 59, also known as Solvent Yellow 21, is an important product widely used in the dye industry. Its stability, light resistance and heat resistance are three crucial aspects of its performance, which are directly related to its durability and reliability in various application scenarios.
Regarding stability, Solvent Yellow 21 demonstrated excellent performance. During the production process, it has been carefully designed and optimized to make its molecular structure stable and not prone to decomposition or change. This stability ensures that the dye can maintain its original color and performance during storage and transportation, reducing quality changes caused by external factors. At the same time, in application, whether used as a dye or a pigment, Solvent Yellow 21 can maintain the uniformity and brightness of its color and is not prone to fading or discoloration.
Lightfastness is another notable feature of Solvent Yellow 21. Solvent Yellow 21 maintains its color for a long time under outdoor or indoor lighting conditions. Even if it is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, it can resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays and maintain its original brightness and saturation. This lightfastness makes Solvent Yellow 21 ideal for outdoor products, textiles, plastics and other products that require prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Heat resistance is also a major advantage of Solvent Yellow 21. Many dyes will fade or change color in high temperature environments, but Solvent Yellow 21 can maintain its color stability. It can demonstrate good heat resistance whether during high-temperature processing or in high-temperature use environments. This makes Solvent Yellow 21 have broad application prospects in areas that need to withstand high temperature processing, such as thermal transfer printing, plastic processing, etc.
These excellent properties of Solvent Yellow 21 are not accidental, but are based on its unique molecular structure and advanced production technology. During the production process, manufacturers have made Solvent Yellow 21 have excellent stability, light resistance and heat resistance at the molecular level by accurately controlling reaction conditions and optimizing the ratio of raw materials. At the same time, in the subsequent application process, users can further leverage the performance advantages of Solvent Yellow 21 through reasonable formula design and adjustment of usage conditions.
Solvent Yellow 21 stands out in the dye market with its excellent stability, lightfastness and heat resistance. It can not only meet the needs of various application scenarios, but also bring long-lasting and vivid visual effects to users. With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of the market, the performance and application fields of Solvent Yellow 21 will continue to be expanded and improved, bringing more color and beauty to people's lives.

How does Acid Yellow 59 perform in different applications?

In the dye industry, Solvent Yellow 21 is widely used to dye textiles, leather and plastics. Its high purity and bright colors enable textiles to be dyed evenly and full-color, and the colors remain as new even after multiple washes. For leather and plastic dyeing, Solvent Yellow 21 can penetrate into the material and combine closely with the material, giving the product a long-lasting and stable color without causing damage to the physical properties of the material.
In chemical analysis, Solvent Yellow 21 also plays an important role. It can be used as an indicator and chromogenic agent. For example, in acid-base titration, it can accurately indicate the end point of the titration and help the experimenter complete the experiment quickly and accurately. In addition, due to its unique chemical properties, Solvent Yellow 21 can also be used to detect the presence of certain specific substances, providing a convenient and accurate tool for chemical analysis.
In the field of coatings, inks and pigments, Solvent Yellow 21 also performs well. Its excellent lightfastness and heat resistance allow coatings and inks to maintain bright colors even when exposed to sunlight or high temperatures for extended periods of time. At the same time, its high stability also ensures that the pigment will not fade or change color easily during use, giving the final product a long-lasting color and appearance.
Solvent Yellow 21 can also be used to manufacture other chemicals and additives, such as as a raw material for fluorescent dyes and the preparation of optoelectronic materials. In these fields, its performance has also been fully reflected and recognized.
Solvent Yellow 21 has demonstrated excellent performance in various applications. Whether as a dye, indicator or pigment, it can meet the needs of users and provide high-quality products and solutions. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, the performance and application value of Solvent Yellow 21 will be further improved and explored.