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We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

Custom Tnyaset H Dyes Series

Tnyaset H dyes are a series products, which are developed on the basis of 1:2 metal complex dye and combination with reactive dye. They are compatible with the excellent characteristics of the two dyes, with excellent fastness, good lifting power, good reproducibility, and complete chromatography. Can be combined freely. Mainly used in loose wool, tops, worsted yarns, cloth, etc. of high-grade nylon and high-grade wool fibers. They have excellent wet fastness, light fastness, excellent leveling and migration properties. Also they have excellent dye uptake.


Hangzhou Tianya Industry Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tianya Industry Co., Ltd. is a China Tnyaset H Dyes Series Manufacturers and Custom Tnyaset H Dyes Series Suppliers. We are an enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of fine chemical products, mainly specializing in the manufacture of acid dyes and dye intermediates. As one of the major manufacturers of acidic anthraquinone dyes in China, Tianya has always adhered to the concept of innovative development, constantly innovating and paying attention to standardized production and quality control of products. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands, Thailand, Mexico, and dozens of other countries. In addition, Tianya has established cooperative relations with internationally renowned chemical companies, including the top 100 chemical companies in the world. Tianya has become an important supplier to these companies in the field of acid dyes in China.


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Tnyaset H Dyes Series Industry knowledge

What is the 1:2 metal complicated dye used in the formulation of Tnyaset H dyes? 

Tnyaset H dyes are a kind of metallic complicated dye which can be usually used in the textile industry for dyeing fibers, consisting of polyester and nylon. These dyes are acknowledged for his or her outstanding shade fastness residences, as well as their capability to produce vibrant and intense colorings.
Metal complicated dyes are a category of dyes that include a steel ion complexed with one or greater ligands. The metallic ion acts as the valuable atom and is surrounded by ligands, which might be molecules or ions which could donate electrons to the metal ion. This coordination between the steel ion and the ligands offers upward thrust to the precise homes of metallic complex dyes.
The 1:2 metal complex dye used in the formulation of Tnyaset H dyes refers to the ratio of the steel ion to the ligands in the dye molecule. In this situation, the metal ion is present in a 1:2 ratio with the ligands. The particular metallic ion used inside the components of Tnyaset H dyes can vary depending at the desired color and homes of the dye.
One not unusual metallic ion used inside the method of Tnyaset H dyes is cobalt (Co). Cobalt complex dyes are known for his or her terrific colorfastness and resistance to fading. The cobalt ion is commonly complexed with ligands inclusive of salicylic acid or eight-hydroxyquinoline. These ligands donate their electrons to the cobalt ion, resulting inside the formation of a strong steel-ligand complicated.
The 1:2 steel complex dye formulation allows for accelerated colour depth and brightness as compared to other dye types. It additionally enhances the shade fastness homes of the dye, making it greater proof against fading or color bleeding at some stage in washing or exposure to light. The metal-ligand complex is greater solid than different dye sorts, which contributes to the dye's durability and long-lasting shade.
In conclusion, the 1:2 steel complicated dye used within the formula of Tnyaset H dyes refers back to the ratio of the metal ion to the ligands in the dye molecule. This type of dye is thought for its splendid colour fastness houses and colourful colors. The particular steel ion used can vary, with cobalt being a common desire in Tnyaset H dyes.

How does the combination with reactive dye beautify the performance of Tnyaset H dyes? 

The aggregate with reactive dye enhances the overall performance of Tnyaset H dyes in numerous ways:
1. Increased shade fastness: Reactive dyes are recognized for their wonderful colour fastness residences. By combining Tnyaset H dyes with reactive dyes, the shade fastness of the ensuing dyed fabric or material is extensively progressed. This manner that the shade of the dyed material will be greater immune to fading or bleeding, even after prolonged exposure to daylight,, or rubbing.
2. Improved wash fastness: Reactive dyes have exact wash fastness characteristics, that means that they have got a high resistance to elimination in the course of washing. When Tnyaset H dyes are blended with reactive dyes, the wash fastness of the dyed material is stronger. This guarantees that the coloration remains vibrant and does not wash out or fade easily whilst the cloth is laundered.
Three. Enhanced mild fastness: Tnyaset H dyes are regarded for their right light fastness properties, because of this they have a excessive resistance to fading whilst exposed to sunlight. By combining Tnyaset H dyes with reactive dyes, the mild fastness of the dyed material is similarly progressed. This makes it appropriate for packages wherein the fabric can be uncovered to outdoor situations or robust daylight.
Four. Increased shade yield: Reactive dyes have a high coloration yield, meaning they are able to produce colourful and extreme colors on the cloth. When Tnyaset H dyes are combined with reactive dyes, the shade yield is enhanced, ensuing in greater extreme and saturated colorings at the dyed cloth.
5. Better fabric compatibility: Reactive dyes are extraordinarily compatible with a huge range of natural and synthetic fibers. When Tnyaset H dyes are mixed with reactive dyes, they offer higher compatibility with unique sorts of fibers, ensuing in improved dye uptake and bonding to the. This guarantees that the colour is frivolously dispensed and bonded to the cloth, resulting in a uniform and long-lasting shade.
In summary, the mixture with reactive dyes enhances the performance of Tnyaset H dyes by using improving shade fastness, wash fastness, light fastness, coloration yield, and fabric compatibility. This makes them appropriate for a extensive variety of programs, along with fabric, printing, and dyeing industries, where fantastic and lengthy-lasting colour is preferred.