We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional Wholesale Acid Yellow 79 dyes manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

  • Acid Yellow 79
  • Acid Yellow 79
  • Acid Yellow 79
  • Acid Yellow 79
  • Acid Yellow 79
  • Acid Yellow 79
Tnyanyl® A Dyes Series

Acid Yellow 79
Acid Yellow 4G

- Brilliant shades(Bright-colored)
- High wet fastness
- Medium levelling properties
- Milling acid dyes with disulfonic groups.

It is mainly used for dyeing wool, polyamide fiber and its blended fabrics, and can also be used for leather coloring.
It has medium flatness and good discharge propertry.
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Dye Name Color Card
Light (Xenon)

Dyeing Depth
ISO 105 C10

ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
Hot Pressing 
Chlorination water 

Dry Rub
Wet Rub
Acid Yellow 79 6
60 1 5

5 5 5

Dye Name: Acid Yellow 4G, Acid Yellow 4GL
CAS Registry Number: 12220-70-1
Color: Yellow
Molecular Structure: Bisazo dyes series
Molecular Formula: C47H40N10Na2O12S4
Molecular Weight: 1111.12
Samples: Free samples are available, PSS can be sent to you before shipment. The quality of this item is very stable and once you confirm the quality we can deliver to you directly without PSS.
Tianya Industry is a fine chemical enterprise that engages in R&D, production, and operation of acid dyes and intermediates, which has obtained an ISO9001 certificate. Contact us freely for more details.

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Industry knowledge

Can you introduce the safety information of Acid Yellow 79?

Safety information for Acid Yellow 79 is crucial due to the fact this substance is probably hazardous. The following is an in depth elaboration of the safety records for Acid Yellow seventy nine:
Acid Yellow 79 is worrying to skin, eyes and respiration tract. This approach that contact with the substance, if appropriate defensive measures are not taken, may also cause symptoms consisting of redness, swelling, itching of the pores and skin, stinging and watery eyes, and respiratory discomfort.
When the use of or handling Acid Yellow 79, you ought to put on appropriate personal protective system, consisting of protecting gloves, goggles, and defensive clothing. These device can correctly reduce the touch of acid yellow seventy nine with skin and eyes, lowering the chance of injury.
In order to keep away from breathing in the dirt or solution vapor of Acid Yellow seventy nine, make sure that the operating environment is nicely ventilated at some point of operation. If you'll be uncovered to acid yellow 79 dust, you ought to also put on respiration shielding equipment which includes dust mask.
When coping with acid yellow 79, make certain to comply with secure running processes to make sure accurate and standardized operations. This consists of warding off mixing Acid Yellow 79 with different chemical substances to avoid dangerous chemical reactions.At the same time, acid yellow 79 should be avoided from contacting open flames or high-temperature objects to prevent fire or explosion accidents.
If you're by chance uncovered to Acid Yellow 79, you must without delay rinse the contact place with plenty of water and are seeking for medical help as quickly as viable. After exposure, although signs and symptoms of discomfort do now not seem right away, it's miles encouraged to pay close attention to physical modifications and are seeking for clinical treatment in time if there are any abnormalities.
When storing Acid Yellow 79, it have to be located in a dry, sealed surroundings away from direct sunlight and excessive temperatures. At the equal time, make certain that the storage location is saved far from hearth and warmth sources to save you fire or explosion.
Understanding and following Acid Yellow 79 protection statistics is vital to the safety and health of operators. When the usage of and handling this substance, be sure to take appropriate protecting measures and observe secure operating processes to make sure a secure and stable working environment.

Can you tell me about the solubility of Acid Yellow 79?

As an important acid dye, the solubility of Acid Yellow 79 is a key part of its chemical properties.
We need to understand the basic solubility properties of Acid Yellow 79. Acid Yellow 79 has good solubility in water and can form an orange-yellow solution. This solubility makes Acid Yellow 79 widely used in dyeing, coatings, inks and other fields. In these applications, Acid Yellow 79 can be evenly dispersed in water-based media to enable dyeing or coloring of a variety of materials.
The solubility of Acid Yellow 79 is not static and is affected by many factors. Among them, temperature is an important factor. Generally speaking, as the temperature increases, the solubility of Acid Yellow 79 in water will increase. This is because as the temperature increases, the thermal motion of the molecules intensifies, making it easier for the acid yellow 79 molecules to overcome the intermolecular interactions and enter the aqueous solution.
The pH value of the solution will also affect the solubility of Acid Yellow 79. Since Acid Yellow 79 is an acid dye, it is more stable in acidic environments. In an alkaline environment, Acid Yellow 79 may undergo hydrolysis reactions, resulting in reduced solubility. Therefore, in practical applications, we need to adjust the dosage of Acid Yellow 79 according to specific pH conditions to ensure its good solubility and stability.
The type of solvent also affects the solubility of Acid Yellow 79. Although Acid Yellow 79 has good solubility in water, its solubility in other organic solvents may be poor. Therefore, when choosing a solvent, we need to consider the solubility requirements of Acid Yellow 79 and choose a solvent that can dissolve it well.
When discussing the solubility of Acid Yellow 79, we also need to pay attention to its physical and chemical changes during the dissolution process. For example, when Acid Yellow 79 is dissolved in water, interactions occur between its molecules and water molecules, forming chemical bonds such as hydrogen bonds. These bonding interactions not only affect the dissolution rate of Acid Yellow 79, but also determine its stability and dispersion in solution.
Understanding the solubility of Acid Yellow 79 is of great significance for its application in various fields. In the textile industry, Acid Yellow 79 can be used as a dye for dyeing fibers and fabrics. Its good solubility makes the dyeing process more uniform and efficient. In the field of coatings and inks, Acid Yellow 79 can be used as a pigment to prepare coatings and inks of various colors. Its solubility directly affects the quality and performance of the product.
The solubility of Acid Yellow 79 is an important aspect of its chemical properties and is affected by many factors. In practical applications, we need to select appropriate solvents and operating methods based on specific conditions and environments to ensure that Acid Yellow 79 can fully exert its excellent performance.