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We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

Custom Tnyanyl® E Dyes Series

Tnyanyl® E dyes are leveling acid dyes that mainly contains monosulfonic acid groups. They have excellent leveling and migration properties and are mainly used in light shades dyeing of nylon and wool cloth dyeing. Also they have excellent coverage, high light fastness, good dyeing performance, and excellent compatibility, The dosage of dye is generally controlled at <0.2% o.w.f.


Hangzhou Tianya Industry Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tianya Industry Co., Ltd. is a China Tnyanyl® E Dyes Series Manufacturers and Custom Tnyanyl® E Dyes Series Suppliers. We are an enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of fine chemical products, mainly specializing in the manufacture of acid dyes and dye intermediates. As one of the major manufacturers of acidic anthraquinone dyes in China, Tianya has always adhered to the concept of innovative development, constantly innovating and paying attention to standardized production and quality control of products. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands, Thailand, Mexico, and dozens of other countries. In addition, Tianya has established cooperative relations with internationally renowned chemical companies, including the top 100 chemical companies in the world. Tianya has become an important supplier to these companies in the field of acid dyes in China.


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Tnyanyl® E Dyes Series Industry knowledge

What is the reason of the monosulfonic acid companies in Tnyanyl® E dyes? 

Tnyanyl® E dyes are a set of dyes which might be generally used inside the fabric industry for dyeing polyester fibers. These dyes are acknowledged for his or her high dyeing efficiency, top notch shade fastness, and appropriate compatibility with polyester substances.
One of the distinguishing features of Tnyanyl® E dyes is the presence of monosulfonic acid companies in their shape. These companies play an crucial role in improving the dyeing houses of these dyes. Here are some functions of the monosulfonic acid agencies in Tnyanyl® E dyes:
1. Water solubility: The monosulfonic acid agencies make Tnyanyl® E dyes quite water-soluble. This solubility is essential for the effective application of the dyeing procedure. It allows the dye to easily dissolve in water or dye tub, making sure uniform distribution of the colorant in the course of the polyester fibers.
2. Hydrophilicity: The monosulfonic acid businesses additionally make contributions to the hydrophilic nature of Tnyanyl® E dyes. This property helps enhance the dye absorption and migration in the polyester fibers at some point of the dyeing manner. The dyes can penetrate the fiber shape and attach to the dye sites extra efficiently, ensuing in higher dyeing efficiency and shade intensity.
Three. Electrostatic attraction: The monosulfonic acid companies in Tnyanyl® E dyes are negatively charged because of the dissociation of the sulfonic acid moiety in water. This terrible charge permits electrostatic attraction between the dye molecules and the positively charged polyester fibers, ensuing in progressed dye adsorption. Additionally, the anionic nature of the dyes allows to disperse them evenly inside the dye bath, stopping dye aggregation and choppy dyeing.
4. Acidic pH: The presence of monosulfonic acid businesses contributes to the marginally acidic pH of the dye solution. This acidic surroundings is favorable for the dyeing of polyester fibers, as it helps to preserve the stableness of the dye molecule and promotes dye fixation. An acidic pH also reduces the probabilities of side reactions or unwanted color changes for the duration of the dyeing method.
Five. Color fastness: The monosulfonic acid businesses in Tnyanyl® E dyes also make a contribution to their superb colour fastness homes. These agencies enhance the dye-fiber interaction, leading to higher dye fixation and resistance to washing, light, and warmth. The monosulfonic acid agencies increase the overall durability and shade retention of the dyed polyester fibers.

How does the presence of monosulfonic acid businesses contribute to leveling homes in Tnyanyl® E dyes? 

Monosulfonic acid businesses in Tnyanyl® E dyes contribute notably to their leveling properties. Leveling refers to the capacity of a dye to distribute frivolously and penetrate uniformly into a substrate, ensuing in a uniform color.
The presence of monosulfonic acid companies introduces ionic expenses to the dye molecules. These prices allow the dye molecules to form strong electrostatic interactions with the fibers or substrate in the course of the dyeing technique. This interaction is specially prominent in fabrics made of polyester, which has a predominantly non-polar surface and indicates low affinity in the direction of water-based dyes.
The monosulfonic acid groups also improve the water solubility of the dye molecules. Increased water solubility guarantees fast and uniform dispersion of the dye inside the dye bath, facilitating better dye penetration into the fibers. This solubility also enables accurate exhaustibility, which means that a higher quantity of dye is efficiently utilized all through the dyeing process. The elevated affinity towards water facilitates to mitigate the aggregation or clumping of dye molecules, making sure a extra even distribution and stopping dye specks or choppy coloration on the fabric.
Furthermore, the monosulfonic acid agencies beautify the migration of dye molecules at some stage in the dyeing procedure. This migration happens due to the differential diffusion quotes of dye molecules within the fiber and at the surface of the material. The monosulfonic acid businesses enhance the electrostatic repulsion pressure between dye molecules, lowering their tendency to aggregate and facilitating their movement. This migration and distribution process leads to uniform shade, even on complicated and irregular fabric surfaces, which includes textured or exceedingly twisted yarns.
In addition to leveling houses, the presence of monosulfonic acid businesses in Tnyanyl® E dyes also impacts their lightfastness and washfastness houses. These companies contribute to the dye's potential to shape stronger dye-fiber interactions, which enhance the resistance of the coloration to fading or bleeding in the course of exposure to light or washing processes. This guarantees that the dye maintains its colourful and uniform look over an prolonged duration.