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We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional Wholesale Acid Yellow 151 dyes manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

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  • Acid Yellow 151
  • Acid Yellow 151
  • Acid Yellow 151
  • Acid Yellow 151
  • Acid Yellow 151
Acid PHF Dye Series

Acid Yellow 151
Neutral yellow LNW

- High wet and light fastness
- High dye-uptake properties, excellent compatibility
- Metal complex
- It has low damage to wool and has high wool coverage.

The dye can be applied to wool, silk, nylon, vinylon/cotton, wool/viscose blended fabrics, and can also be printed directly on wool, silk and nylon fabrics. In addition, the dye is also suitable for leather coloring.
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Dye Name Color Card
Light (Xenon)

Dyeing Depth
ISO 105 C10

ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
Hot Pressing 
Chlorination water 

Dry Rub
Wet Rub
Acid Yellow 151 6
70 1 4-5

4-5 4-5 4-5

Dye Name: Acid Yellow M-R; Neutral Yellow DRL; Neutral yellow FGL
CAS Registry Number: 12715-61-6
The dye is a bright yellow, brown uniform powder, and it is easily soluble in water with a solubility of 50g/L (80 °C).
- It is yellow in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid and becomes a light yellow solution after dilution;
- It appears yellow in a thick solution of sodium hydroxide and light yellow when diluted.
- The color of aqueous solution is light yellow.
Molecular Structure: Monoazo, metal complexes
Molecular Formula: C16H16N4O5S
Molecular Weight: 376.39
Samples: Free samples are available, PSS can be sent to you before shipment. The quality of this item is very stable and once you confirm the quality we can deliver to you directly without PSS.
Tianya Industry is a fine chemical enterprise that engages in R&D, production, and operation of acid dyes and intermediates, which has obtained an ISO9001 certificate. Contact us freely for more details.

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Industry knowledge

What is the color performance of Acid Yellow 151 dye on the color card?

On the color card, Acid Yellow 151 dye stands out with a unique color charm. Its bright and vivid yellow is like the summer sun shining on the earth, which is both warm and full of life. This yellow tone is neither a dazzling bright yellow nor an overly soft yellow, but just the right amount to show a bright yet soft color effect.
On the color card, the yellow color of Acid Yellow 151 is very pure, without any impurities, just like a piece of pure amber, crystal clear. Its color saturation is high and can easily attract people's attention, allowing people to distinguish it from many colors at a glance. This high-saturation yellow makes Acid Yellow 151 particularly eye-catching on the color card, adding a dazzling color to the entire color card.
In addition to being bright and vivid, the performance of Acid Yellow 151 on the color card also reflects an elegant temperament. Its yellow color is not an overly dazzling and flamboyant color, but a soft and warm tone, giving people a comfortable and peaceful feeling. This elegant yellow tone allows Acid Yellow 151 to highlight its own characteristics in the color card without appearing too abrupt, forming a harmonious and unified visual effect with the surrounding colors.
On the color card, the yellow color of Acid Yellow 151 also shows a good stability. Whether indoors or outdoors, under strong light or low light, its color remains consistent without obvious color difference. This stability enables Acid Yellow 151 to perform better in practical applications, ensuring color accuracy and consistency whether in textile dyeing or coloring in other fields.
On the color card, the yellow color of Acid Yellow 151 also has certain light resistance and solvent resistance. Even when exposed to prolonged sunlight or contact with other chemicals, its color remains unchanged without fading or discoloration. This excellent performance makes Acid Yellow 151 a very reliable dye that can meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios.
On the color card, Acid Yellow 151 dye has won people's favor with its bright, vivid, elegant and stable yellow performance. Its excellent performance makes it have broad application prospects in textiles, coatings, plastics and other fields. Whether on the color card or in actual application, Acid Yellow 151 can bring people a beautiful visual experience with its unique color charm.

How does Acid Yellow 151 perform in perspiration color fastness tests, especially under alkaline conditions?

In the test of color fastness to perspiration, especially under alkaline conditions, the performance of Acid Yellow 151 is the focus of the industry. As a chemical raw material widely used in the field of biochemical industry, Acid Yellow 151 occupies a pivotal position in dyeing and printing processes. In particular, its performance in color fastness to perspiration is directly related to its durability and stability in practical applications such as textiles and leather products.
The color fastness to perspiration test is an important indicator to measure the degree of color retention of dyes in a simulated human sweat environment. Under alkaline conditions, the alkaline substances in human sweat will have a certain impact on the dye, which may cause the dye to fade or change color. Therefore, for dyes like Acid Yellow 151, its performance in alkaline sweat is crucial.
In tests, Acid Yellow 151 demonstrated satisfactory color fastness to perspiration. Even under alkaline conditions, its color remains stable and does not fade easily. This is due to the unique chemical structure and stable molecular bonding of Acid Yellow 151. The acidic groups in its molecular structure can form a strong bond with textile materials such as cellulose, effectively resisting the erosion of alkaline sweat.
Acid Yellow 151 also has good solubility and permeability, and can quickly and evenly penetrate into the fiber to achieve deep dyeing. This makes the dyed textiles appear brighter and fuller, while improving color fastness. When directly printing on wool, silk, nylon and other fabrics, Acid Yellow 151 can present a bright yellow color and is suitable for use as a ground color for discharge printing.
Acid Yellow 151 not only performs well under alkaline conditions, but also exhibits good color fastness under other environmental conditions. Regardless of whether it is under high temperature, high humidity or light conditions, its color can remain stable and is not easily affected by external factors. This makes acid yellow 151 more widely used in textiles, leather products and other fields.
The performance of Acid Yellow 151 is not perfect. In practical applications, appropriate adjustments and optimizations need to be made based on specific process requirements and material properties. During the dyeing process, parameters such as the amount of dye, temperature and time need to be controlled to ensure the best dyeing effect and color fastness.
Acid Yellow 151 showed satisfactory performance in the color fastness to perspiration test. Its unique chemical structure and stable molecular bonding allow it to maintain stable color under alkaline conditions. At the same time, its good solubility, permeability and bright color make it a good prospect in fields such as textiles and leather products.