We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional Wholesale Acid Orange 33 dyes manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

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  • Acid Orange 33
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  • Acid Orange 33
  • Acid Orange 33
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Acid Orange 33
Weakly acidic orange GS

- Brilliant color
- High wet fastness
- Medium levelling properties
- Milling acid dyes with disulfonic groups

It is mainly used for dyeing and printing of wool, silk, nylon and blended fabrics, and it can also be used for dyeing in paper, hemp, sisal, leather and straw.
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Dye Name Color Card
Light (Xenon)

Dyeing Depth
ISO 105 C10

ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
Hot Pressing 
Chlorination water 

Dry Rub
Wet Rub
Acid Orange 33 4-5
60 1 4-5

5 4-5 4-5

Dye Name: Weak Acid Orange 2R, Weak Acid Orange GS, Weak Acid Brilliant Orange 2R, Weak Acid Brilliant Orange GS, Acid Orange GS, Acid Brilliant Orange P-2R
CAS Registry Number: 6507-77-3
Character: Reddish orange hue.
- It is golden-orange in water and golden-orange in dissolved ethanol.
- It is orange in concentrated sulfuric acid, and its color remains unchanged after dilution.
- The color of aqueous solution with hydrochloric acid is orange; The concentrated sodium hydroxide solution is yellowish brown.
Molecular Structure: Bisazo dyes series
Molecular Formula: C34H28N4Na2O8S2
Molecular Weight: 730.72
Samples: Free samples are available, PSS can be sent to you before shipment. The quality of this item is very stable and once you confirm the quality we can deliver to you directly without PSS.
Tianya Industry is a fine chemical enterprise that engages in R&D, production, and operation of acid dyes and intermediates, which has obtained an ISO9001 certificate. Contact us freely for more details.

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Industry knowledge

How to store and handle Acid Orange 33 safely?

Acid Orange 33 is known for its golden-orange appearance and excellent performance in aqueous solutions. Due to its unique chemical properties, Acid Orange 33 has been widely used in the coloring of leather, linen, straw and other materials. Its storage and handling require strict compliance with safety regulations to prevent possible health and environmental risks.

1. Storage
Choose a suitable storage environment: First, you should choose a storage environment that is dry, well-ventilated, and has a stable temperature. Since Acid Orange 33 is a flammable substance, it should be kept away from sources of fire and heat. At the same time, avoid direct sunlight to prevent the dye from decomposing or deteriorating.
Proper Packaging and Labeling: Acid Orange 33 should be packaged in sealed, safety-compliant containers. The product name, CAS number, production date, shelf life, hazard signs and other information should be clearly marked on the packaging for easy identification and tracking.
Classified storage: A comprehensive understanding of the properties of Acid Orange 33 is required, including its physical properties, chemical properties, toxicity, flammability, corrosiveness, etc. This information can usually be obtained from the product's safety data sheet (MSDS) or product instructions. Determine the appropriate storage area for the chemical based on its nature. For example, flammable Acid Orange 33 should be stored away from fire and heat sources, and should be equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment. Toxic or corrosive chemicals should be stored in a dedicated fume hood or isolated area. Set up obvious signs in the storage area to indicate the types of chemicals stored in the area, hazard levels, safety precautions and other information. This helps employees quickly identify storage areas and take appropriate security measures.
Regular Inspections: Regularly check the integrity and tightness of storage containers to ensure there are no leaks or breaks. Expired or no longer used dyes should be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.

2. Processing
Personal Protection: When handling Acid Orange 33, appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn, such as protective glasses, gloves, protective clothing, etc. Avoid direct contact with skin and inhalation of vapors.
Operating Practices: Follow relevant operating practices and safety guidelines to ensure that no spills or leaks occur during handling. Use special tools and equipment for mixing, stirring, and other operations to avoid sparks or static electricity.
Waste disposal: Waste such as used containers, packaging materials and residues should be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations. Avoid pouring it into the sewer or discarding it randomly to avoid environmental pollution.
Accident response: If an accident such as a leak or spill occurs, immediate steps should be taken to clean up and dispose of it. First, put on personal protective equipment, then quickly cover and collect the spill with an absorbent (such as sand, sawdust, etc.). Finally, the collected leakage will be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.

3. Precautions
Avoid mixing with other chemicals: Acid Orange 33 should avoid mixing with chemicals such as strong acids, strong bases, and oxidants to avoid chemical reactions and dangers.
Fire prevention measures: Since Acid Orange 33 is a flammable substance, it should be kept away from fire and heat sources and equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment.
Avoid Inhalation and Ingestion: Avoid inhalation of vapor or ingestion of powder during handling. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with clean water and seek medical assistance.
Training and Education: Employees involved in the storage and handling of Acid Orange 33 should be provided with relevant training and education to ensure they understand the nature of the product and safe handling procedures.
Safe storage and handling of Acid Orange 33 is an important measure to ensure employee health and environmental safety. By following the above guidelines and precautions, we can effectively reduce risks and ensure smooth production.