We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional Wholesale Acid Yellow 220 dyes manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

  • Acid Yellow 220
  • Acid Yellow 220
  • Acid Yellow 220
  • Acid Yellow 220
  • Acid Yellow 220
  • Acid Yellow 220
Tnyalan® S Dyes Series

Acid Yellow 220
Neutral yellow S-2G

- High wet and light fastness
- Medium levelling
- High dye-uptake properties, excellent compatibility
- 1:2 metal complex dyes with monosulfonic group 

It is mainly used for medium and deep shades dyeing in nylon, wool and its blended fabrics, as well as dyeing and printing of silk and nylon fibers. It is especially suitable for outdoor products.
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Dye Name Color Card
Light (Xenon)

Dyeing Depth
ISO 105 C10

ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
Hot Pressing 
Chlorination water 

Dry Rub
Wet Rub
Acid Yellow 220 6
1200 1 4-5

5 5 4-5

Dye Name: Acid Yellow S-2G, Neutral Yellow GS
CAS Registry Number: 71603-79-7
Character: Deep yellow powder
Molecular Structure: Monoazo, 1:2 metal complex dyes
Molecular Formula: C23H18CIN4NaO7S
Molecular Weight: 552.92
Samples: Free samples are available, PSS can be sent to you before shipment. The quality of this item is very stable and once you confirm the quality we can deliver to you directly without PSS.
Tianya Industry is a fine chemical enterprise that engages in R&D, production, and operation of acid dyes and intermediates, which has obtained an ISO9001 certificate. Contact us freely for more details.

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Industry knowledge

What is special about the application of Acid Yellow 220 in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals?

1. Cosmetics field
Acid Yellow 220 provides a vivid and long-lasting yellow tint to cosmetics. Whether it's lipstick, eye shadow, blush or nail polish, just add a small amount of Acid Yellow 220 to give the product a bright and long-lasting yellow effect. This color is not only eye-catching, but also stays bright for a long time and is not easy to fade, adding long-lasting appeal to cosmetics.

Acid Yellow 220 has good compatibility and stability in cosmetics. It is compatible with a variety of cosmetic ingredients and will not react chemically with other ingredients or affect product stability. This allows cosmetics manufacturers to more flexibly design formulations to meet the needs of different consumers. The stability of Acid Yellow 220 also ensures that cosmetics can maintain a stable color during storage and use without fading or discoloration.

In the field of cosmetics, safety is of paramount importance. Acid Yellow 220 has undergone rigorous toxicology and skin irritation testing, proving that it is non-irritating and non-toxic to human skin and complies with relevant international and domestic regulations and standards. This allows consumers to use cosmetics containing Acid Yellow 220 without worrying about its safety.

The vibrant yellow hue of Acid Yellow 220 can add appeal and style to cosmetics. In cosmetic products, such as eye shadow, blush, etc., using Acid Yellow 220 can create a bright and lively makeup effect to attract consumers' attention. In skin care products, such as facial cleansers, facial creams, etc., using Acid Yellow 220 can also add a bright color to the product and enhance the overall appeal of the product.

2. Pharmaceutical field
In the field of pharmaceuticals, Acid Yellow 220 also plays an important role. Acid Yellow 220 provides a distinctive yellow label for pharmaceutical products. On the packaging, labels or capsule shells of medicines, Acid Yellow 220 can be used to clearly mark the name, dosage, manufacturer and other information of the medicine, helping consumers and medical personnel to quickly and accurately identify and use medicines. This kind of label is not only beautiful and elegant, but also can effectively prevent the misuse and abuse of drugs.

Acid Yellow 220 has good stability and light resistance when used in pharmaceuticals. During the storage, transportation and use of drugs, they may be affected by various factors such as light, temperature, humidity, etc., resulting in changes in the properties of the drugs. As a high-quality colorant, Acid Yellow 220 can maintain stable color in various environments and will not fade or change color due to light or the passage of time. This helps ensure clarity and accuracy of drug labeling and extends the shelf life of drugs.

Acid Yellow 220 is usually added in small amounts in pharmaceuticals, but has strong coloring power. This allows manufacturers to achieve good visual effects while ensuring the medicine is safe and effective. Adding a small amount not only reduces production costs, but also reduces potential risks to the human body.

From a safety perspective, Acid Yellow 220 has undergone rigorous toxicological and pharmacological evaluations. It has been proven to be non-toxic and non-irritating to humans and can be used safely in pharmaceuticals. This allows consumers and medical personnel to use medicines containing Acid Yellow 220 without worrying about its safety.

The applications of Acid Yellow 220 in the pharmaceutical field are not limited to coloring and labeling. In some special cases, it can also be used to change the solubility or release rate of drugs. This provides more possibilities for drug development and production, helping to produce more efficient, safe and convenient drugs.

Acid Yellow 220 has unique advantages and characteristics when used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Its excellent performance makes the product more beautiful, safe and effective. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous development of the market, I believe that Acid Yellow 220 will have broader application prospects in the future.