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We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional Wholesale Acid Orange 67 Industrial Applications dyes manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

  • Acid Orange 67 Industrial Applications
  • Acid Orange 67 Industrial Applications
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Acid Orange 67 Industrial Applications

Acid Orange 67's number one use in enterprise is for dyeing protein or animal fibers which includes wool, silk, mohair, alpaca and synthetic substances like polyester. Textile and leather enterprise activities over the last decade has contributed drastically to call for for acid orange dyes; propelling marketplace growth into the coming assessment period. Rising meals product needs has additionally pushed greater marketplace demand. Furthermore, increased disposable profits among rising economic system consumers is riding cosmetic and private care product consumption - fuelling acid orange market growth over the years.
Acid Orange 67 dye became investigated beneath both acidic and alkaline conditions with exclusive pH levels on resin polystyrene foam (RPSF). Results verified that its adsorption on RPSF become tons greater green below acidic situations, fitting properly to pseudo-first order, pseudo 2nd order, and Elovich models of adsorption kinetic records. For gold standard adsorption conditions of 20 mg/L at 200 rpm for eighty mins of agitation become determined as the most appropriate attention stage.
Acid Orange 67 (C16H11N2NaO4S, CAS range 12220-06-three) is an natural azo dye with the chemical formula C16H11N2NaO4S that has emerge as widely used throughout fabric industry because of its solubility in water and stability below ordinary temperature and stress conditions. Frequently employed as an indicator in organic staining strategies as well as analytical chemistry programs due to its high color index indexing homes in addition to wash fastness houses, it finds good sized usage within textile enterprise packages due to those features alone.
Acid orange dye can also be found in pharmaceutical industries for functions inclusive of detecting lung most cancers metastasis and measuring glycated proteins in human liver and kidney cells, amongst many different programs. Furthermore, its sturdy binding ability with cellulose makes it an ideal dye preference for fabric and leather-based industries.
Asia Pacific area is predicted to dominate each volume and fee share for acid orange dyes globally in terms of quantity intake in coming years.
Key gamers within the global acid orange marketplace are taking steps to adopt revolutionary production technologies for reducing carbon emission and expanding capacities to satisfy end use industries' needs. This can lessen their universal environmental impact as well as stay compliant with stringent government law norms.
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