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We mainly produce acid dyes and dye intermediates, and we are a professional manufacturer of anthraquinone acid dyes in China.

Custom Tianya NHS Dyestuff

The Tianya NHS dyes are a series of special intelligent 1:2 metal complex dyes and with monosulfonic group. They have very excellent compatibility, suitable for dyeing medium to dark colors shades. Mainly used for high-grade polyamide micro-fiber, polyamide, polyamide/cotton and seamless underclothes.

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Hangzhou Tianya Industry Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tianya Industry Co., Ltd. is a China Tianya NHS Dyestuff Manufacturers and Custom Tianya NHS Dyestuff Suppliers. We are an enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of fine chemical products, mainly specializing in the manufacture of acid dyes and dye intermediates. As one of the major manufacturers of acidic anthraquinone dyes in China, Tianya has always adhered to the concept of innovative development, constantly innovating and paying attention to standardized production and quality control of products. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands, Thailand, Mexico, and dozens of other countries. In addition, Tianya has established cooperative relations with internationally renowned chemical companies, including the top 100 chemical companies in the world. Tianya has become an important supplier to these companies in the field of acid dyes in China.


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Tianya NHS Dyestuff Industry knowledge

Is the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series secure to apply on exceptional types of fabric or materials? 

The Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is a famous dye used within the textile industry for coloring diverse types of fabric and materials. It is understood for its vibrant and long-lasting shades, making it a favored desire for many producers and architects.
When it involves protection, the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is usually taken into consideration safe to apply on specific fabric sorts. However, it's far important to observe that some fabric may additionally react in another way to the dye, and further precautions may be important.
One of the primary elements to keep in mind whilst the usage of the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is the cloth composition. This dye works satisfactory on herbal fibers including cotton, silk, wool, and linen. These fabrics are greater receptive to the dye, resulting in vivid and consistent coloration.
Synthetic fibers, which include polyester, nylon, and acrylic, won't yield the equal outcomes as herbal fibers while the usage of the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series. These artificial fabrics have specific chemical houses, and the dye might not adhere or penetrate them as correctly. It is suggested to test a small, inconspicuous region of the cloth to make sure favored results.
Another consideration is the technique of application. The Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series may be implemented through numerous techniques, which includes immersion dyeing, portray, and display printing. The selected utility method can also affect the final results, so it is really helpful to follow the manufacturer's instructions cautiously.
Before dyeing any fabric, it is critical prepare it nicely. The fabric must be clean and free of any finishes or treatments that may intrude with the dye's absorption. Pre-washing the cloth can help dispose of any residues that could affect the dyeing procedure.
Additionally, it's miles essential to recall the safety measures when the usage of any dye. The Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series have to be handled with care, carrying shielding gloves and making sure proper air flow in the dyeing region. It is likewise recommended to observe an appropriate disposal procedures for any leftover dye or dyeing substances.

Is the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series proof against washing or fading? 

The Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is thought for its extremely good shade fastness homes, which encompass resistance to washing and fading. This dye collection is specially designed to provide long-lasting and colourful colours, even after more than one washes.
One of the important thing motives for the resistance to washing and fading is the molecular structure of the dye molecules within the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series. These dyes have a high affinity closer to the fibers of the cloth, allowing them to penetrate deep into the fiber shape. This deep penetration ensures that the dye molecules are securely held inside the material, making them less possibly to scrub out or fade.
Another factor that contributes to the resistance to washing and fading is the dye's capability to shape robust bonds with the material's fibers. The Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is understood for its tremendous bonding residences, which help the dye molecules to remain firmly connected to the fabric even in the course of the bathing technique.
Furthermore, the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is synthetic the usage of advanced dyeing techniques and super uncooked substances. These factors play a critical function in ensuring the dye longevity and resistance to washing and fading. The dyes on this collection undergo rigorous trying out and satisfactory manipulate measures to make sure they meet the very best requirements of color fastness.
It is vital to be aware that even as the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series has awesome resistance to washing and fading, right cloth care remains essential to preserve its shade fastness properties. Following the recommended care instructions, which includes using moderate detergents, washing at the perfect temperature, and fending off harsh chemicals or bleaching sellers, will assist make sure that the cloth retains its shade vibrancy for longer.
In conclusion, the Tnyacid NHF-S Dye Series is thought for its resistance to washing and fading. The molecular shape of the dye molecules, their potential to form sturdy bonds with the material, and using first-rate raw materials all make a contribution to the top notch color fastness homes of this dye series. However, proper cloth care is still important to keep the toughness of the colours.